About Us

AASHARY FOUNDATION is a Non Government, Social Organization situated in delhi, shaped by a gathering of likeminded, first class experts and academicians from different sections of society. Mission of the association is to make a commitment to poor and under special individuals of India by giving them instruction and fundamental medicinal services offices. We at AASHARY FOUNDATION include the general population of India during the time spent advancement of Education, Healthcare and Environment. The obligation of AASHARY FOUNDATION is fundamentally to inspire the instruction in the country regions and we attempt to achieve all region where training has not. We perceive training as the fundamental instrument that enables people to settle on educated decisions, oppose persecution and case their rights, other than opening new conceivable outcomes and open doors for themselves. Everything that we do is centered around transforming our convictions into an unmistakable reality. We have an exceptionally far reaching instruction program according to the formative period of youngsters and financial milieu under which they exist. The logic of our association depends on the conviction that every tyke merits an equivalent open door for aggregate advancement.
This undertaking means to encourage 30,000 poor children`s providing so as to train in india books, stationeries, expenses social insurance, sustenance and nourishment through sponsorships of kind donors.There are a great many kids in india are compelled to fill in as kid work or live in roads as cloth pckers. Starvation, lack of healthy sustenance, ailments and passing are regular components prompting abuse, neglection and helplessness. Training is a fantasy where the steady nonstop battle is for food,survival and supportability. This sponsorship venture will impact absolutely in getting changes the lives of numerous poor and penniless youngsters night.